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Quick Answer: How Do I Make Windows 8 Open To Desktop

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Press the button < Windows > to open the desktop view—Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and select Properties. Click the Navigation tab and check the box next to Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in.

How do I turn on my desktop background in Windows 8?

In this article Introduction. 1Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize—2Select Desktop Background at the bottom left of the window. 3Click on a new image for the background. 4Decide whether you want to fill, fit, stretch, tile, or center the image. 5Click the Save Changes button to save your new wallpaper.Windows

Does Windows 8 have a desktop?

Windows 8 has two environments: the touch-sensitive Windows Store App interface (also known as Metro) in full screen and the Desktop interface, which looks and works like Windows 7. Both Desktop and Windows Store apps can be launched from the Start screen.

How do I boot to the desktop?

From Windows, hold down the Shift key and click the “Restart” option in the Start menu or on the login screen. Select the “Use a device” option on this screen, and choose a device to boot from, such as a USB drive, DVD, or network boot. Your PC will reboot into the boot options menu.

How do I get the classic start menu in Windows 8?

Open the Start menu by pressing Win or by clicking the Start button. (The Start button may look like a seashell in Classic Shell.) Click Programs, choose Classic Shell, then select Start Menu Settings. Click the Start Menu Style tab and make the desired changes.

How do I change my display on Windows 8?

Advanced display settings in Windows 8 Right-click an empty desktop area, then click Customize. Click View to open the viewing window. Click Change Display Settings to open the Display Settings window. Figure: Change display settings. Click Advanced Settings. Figure: Display settings.

How do I add toolbars to Windows 8?

1. Start Windows Explorer on the Windows 8 desktop, click the View tab on the toolbar, and check the box next to “Hidden items”. That will display folders and files that are normally not visible. 2. Right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbars–>New Toolbar.

How do I put apps on my desktop Windows 8?

Add shortcuts to the desktop Press and hold (or right-click) the desktop, then select New > Shortcut. Enter the item’s location or like Browse to locate the item in File Explorer.

How do I open Windows on the desktop?

To go to the desktop in Windows 10, Click the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It looks like a small rectangle next to your notification icon—Right-click on the taskbar. Select Show the Desktop from the menu. Press Windows Key + D to toggle back and forth from the desktop.

How do I start my computer for the first time?

You’ll land on the BIOS screen the first time you boot your new PC (and yes, you’ll get there). From there, navigate to your system’s boot options, then set up your PC to boot from the USB stick. Once you boot from the USB drive, the Windows installation wizard will take care of the rest.

How do I boot into the BIOS?

Keys. To access your BIOS, you need to press any key during boot. You may need to press Delete, F1, F2, and Escape keys. This key is often displayed during the boot process with the message “Press F2 to access BIOS”, “Press to open setup,” or something similar.

Which button is the boot menu?

When the Whenoots up, you can go to the boot menu by pressing several keys. The keys generally used to open the boot menu are Esc, F2, F10, or F12, which depend on the companies of the computers or motherboards.

How do I add the Start menu to my taskbar in Windows 8?

Right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbars->New Toolbar. 3. In the screen that appears, navigate to Program DataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu and select it. That places a Start Menu toolbar on the far right of the taskbar.

What is the latest version of Windows 8?

Windows 8 General Availability October 26, 2012, Latest Releases 6.2.9200 / December 13, 2016 Update Method Windows Update, Windows Store, Windows Server Update Services Platforms IA-32, x86-64, ARM (Windows RT) Support Status.

Which Windows 8 apps do I need?

What is needed to view the Windows 8 application Ram: 1 (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit). Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or. Graphics card: Microsoft Direct X 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

How do I reset my display settings on Windows 8?

Select Windows Startup Settings and then click Restart. After the computer restarts, choose Safe Mode from the list of advanced options. In safe Mode, right-click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution. Change the display settings back to the original configuration.

How do I fix my screen resolution in Windows 8?

Step 4: a. Right-click on a space on the desktop screen. b. Click Personalize. c. Click View in the lower-left corner of the window. d. Now click on Adjust Resolution in the top left corner of the window. e. You can drag the slider to change the resolution. f. Click Apply and OK.

Where is the toolbar in Windows 8?

The Windows taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen. If you hover your mouse over an icon and the icon is associated with a running program, you’ll see thumbnails of all instances of the program.

How do I get icons on my Windows 8 taskbar?

1Go to the home screen and open the menu bar. 2Click the All apps icon in the bottom menu. 3On the Start screen, right-click an app or program you want to display on the desktop and choose Pin to taskbar. 4Repeat step 3 for each app or program you want to add.

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